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Plant a tree with NEBP flourishes

21 March 2012

It's been over 3 months since our tree planting event last year and everyone at NEBP is pleased to report our seedlings are growing tall and strong.

Congratulations to the site custodian, Charlie (pictured) who has been keeping a close eye on the seedlings progress, particularly during this hot spell.

Thanks once again to all these local businesses and Community groups who helped to make it happen:

  • Queensland Hire;
  • Kangaroo Bus Lines;
  • 101.5FM;
  • Caboolture River Fishing & Boating Club;
  • Greening Australia; and
  • The Friends of CREEC. 

We’re hoping to encourage more Councillors to the site so they can see for themselves the level of community and business support the project enjoys. 

We we’re so impressed by the great turnout of eager tree-planters on the day that we are currently planning a second community tree-planting day.  We already have another 132,000 trees that we hope to plant along the river bank so we’ll be calling on you again very soon!

If you couldn’t come last time because of all your end-of-year commitments, stay tuned to find out when this next opportunity will be.