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Proposed declaration of a works area in the Moreton Bay Marine Park and changes to the Deception Bay declared Fish Habitat Area to allow for the North Harbour development

As recommended by the Coordinator General’s Report, Northeast Business Park Pty Ltd is currently seeking approval for administrative changes to the Deception Bay Fish Habitat Area (DBFHA) and the Moreton Bay Marine Park (MBMP), to facilitate works in the river required for access and safe navigation from the proposed marina entrance downstream to the mouth of the Caboolture River.

The North Harbour development as proposed will require the following legislative amendments to the Moreton Bay Marine Park and the Deception Bay declared Fish Habitat Area (FHA):

* Declaration of a works area in the marine park

* Revocation of parts of the declared FHA

* Management level downgrade of part of the declared FHA.

Proposed works that will require legislative amendments

A 6.4 kilometre navigation channel is proposed from the entrance of the Caboolture River upstream to the proposed marina. The proposed alignment of the navigation channel has been finalised in consultation with Maritime Safety Queensland which will also provide improved marine safety to all users. The channel will be 40 metres wide and require capital dredging of 236,000 cubic metres of substrate from the River to achieve a depth of -3.25 metres Australian Height Datum. Dredge spoil will be disposed of on land at the North Harbour development site.

The bank of the Caboolture River is proposed to be broken to create an entrance to the proposed marina. The entrance will be approximately 250 metres wide and require removal of substrate from an area of 0.57 hectares in the marine park and declared FHA.

Erosion control works are likely to be required at various locations on the banks of the Caboolture River as dredging of the proposed channel to its design depth is likely to increase tidal prism, range and velocity within the River and exacerbate existing bank erosion. A combination of mitigation measures for erosion control, including bank revegetation, battering and toe groyne rock walls may be required along various sections of river bank.

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